Ryell industry the Sportswear manufacturing company, an Italian sports clothing manufacturer industry design and produce, using high tech sport fabrics, full collections of sportwear for men and women atlethes as sport Tshirts, fitness shirts, tank tops, women tops, short leggings for ladies, long sportwear leggings, customized shorts, high tech men shorts, customized technological fabrics for women shorts, atlethes tracksuit, fashion sweatshirt for ladies and full collection of sportwears for fitness center, clubs, teams, associations and activewear manufacturers in private label

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Sportswear manufacturing industryItalian sportwear producer

WOMEN T-SHIRTS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY Ryell srl., dedication to high-end craftsmanship and ethical practices, has made us a trusted women t-shirts and sportswear manufacturer partner for many sports clothing companies. We proudly provided year round work and sportswear fashion concept and designs to the women t-shirt market with high level to support global B2B women sportswear market including private label t-shirts Apply for Distribution

High tech sport fabrics

Luxury sportwear materials and accessories


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WOMEN ANTIBACTERIAL FABRICS T-SHIRTS Our fabrics are created with the most advance antibacterial materials for our women sport t-shirts

PROFESSIONAL WOMEN T-SHIRTS As Italian manufacturers we do only high quality lady t-shirts to allow high sportive performance

PERFECT FIT T-SHIRTS B2B PRODUCTION made in Italy perfect fit women t-shirts to support worldwide distribution companies of sportswear

Sportswear in customized sizes for private label

Exclusive design for private label productionFull sportswear collection for B2B distributorsDeals for sportswear distributorsItalian manufacturing facilities for RyellRyell srl, the Italian sportswear manufacturing industrySend your enquire to Ryell Sportswear IndustryItalian Sportswear manufacturing suppliersProduzione Italiana di abbigliamento sportivoFabrica Italiana de ropa deportiva


WOMEN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS T-SHIRTS we produce using our professional t-shirts according to the made in Italy tradition of hihg end quality

WOMEN T-SHIRTS SUPPLIERS the high technology fabrics, our patterns, printing concept are designed and produced in Italy to the sportswear market

FASHION SPORTS T-SHIRTS FOR WHOLESALERS made in Italy production for each of our women t-shirts giving athletes maximum performance




ANTIBACTERIAL FABRICS as Italian manufacturing company we produce our t-shirts using only high end fabrics antibacterial to protect athletes

ITALIAN STYLE WOMEN T-SHIRTS we guarantee the perfect fit, maximum performance and great fashion concept for women t-shirts to the B2B distribution

BREATHABLE T-SHIRTS FOR ATHLETES our perfect women t-shirts offers the best of the sportswear materials and final product of the global market



UNMATCHED LIGHTNESS T-SHIRTS according to our company goal: to exceed women athletes requirement, sportswear t-shirt very light for B2B Market

SPORTS WOMEN T-SHIRTS we are proud to produce full collections of professional sports short leggings for international national teams

ITALIAN WOMEN T-SHIRTS we produced our traditional t-shirts for woman considering our made in Italy feeling and passion style










RYELL BRAND The excellence of Made in Italy sportswear defined to support athlete and the global B2B sportswear distribution, high technology to define the perfect fabric for each t-shirt, tank tops, leggings, tracksuit, sweatshirt and full collections for all the sports world. As manufacturing company Ryell srl is looking to support worldwide sportwear businesses, offering customized private label collections.
RYELL SPORTSWEAR MANUFACTURER If you're looking for a producer of high-quality sportswear that truly stands out, Ryell sportswear is your best manufacturing partner. What makes us unique in our industry? there are many reasons to select our company and products for partnership, following, some of the most important technical specifications:
UNMATCHED LIGHTNESS Our sportwear t-shirts, for men and women, weigh only 57 grams. The fabrics used to manufacture each of our tshirts have been designed and selected providing a "feeling of lightness and comfort" during your workouts. The final customer, using any of our sportswear, will feel free to push performance limits without constraints, having the maximum efficient.
PERFECT FIT Our leggings fit like a second skin, flawlessly shaping your body. Ryell sportswear have the best products, whether you're a man or a woman, and each one will highlight your muscles and make you feel your best.
TOP-TIER BREATHABILITY Ryell guarantee each sportswear is produced with an outstanding breathability rate of 92%, each of our tshirts, leggings, shorts, tracksuit and sweatshirt and all our garments keep you cool during your most intense training sessions. Breathability has reached using high technology process for fabrics manufacturing industry, No more annoying sweat build-ups.
ANTIBACTERIAL AND SAFE We create, design and produce our sports cloths made with silver lithium ions, high quality antibacterial fabrics protect your skin and keep it healthy. The training session of athlete will become safe and 100% antibacterial risk avoided using Ryell sportswear, furthermore, we boast the "Made in Italy" certification, a symbol of excellence.






LUXURY SPORTSWEAR FOR MEN ATHLETES Ryell srl is one of the leading men sportswear suppliers in Italy. Whether you are looking for men athletic apparel, active wear, gym clothes or technical sportswear, you won’t find better prices on high quality athletic custom apparel from any other sportswear company.


Men t-shirts for sportswear industry manufacturing company, italian manufacturer offers to the B2B distributors high technology fabrics for each Ryell t-shirt

Private label t-shirts offered to the activewear wholesalers, sportswear distributors and B2B tshirts manufacturers

Men tank tops Ryell for wholesale distributors, sportswear manufacturing industry to the global activewear clothing business Private label tank tops for men, mainly to wholesale B2B distributors and sportswear manufacturing companies

MEN T-SHIRTS exclusive fabrics, Sport fashion designs and last technology to manufacturer Ryell tshirts for sportswear B2B distributors.

MEN TANK TOPS high technology fabrics, trend fashion designs and quality manufacturing process to develop the best tank tops for our partners.


Men short leggings for fitness industry, the best sportwear of the market designed for atlethes

We produce in Private label basics for men shorts leggings manufacturers and sportswear brands worldwide

Men long legging to the worldwide B2B distribution, Ryell produces leggings using ultra soft fabrics Professional Leggings for men as high quality sportswear to the global market, produced also in private label for manufacturers

RYELL MEN SHORTS LEGGINGS production of men's short, high breathability performance fabrics for intense activity, best technology for leggings.

MEN LONG LEGGINGS Ryell sportswear ultra-soft fabric that stretches with every movement makes it one of the best leggings of the world, Ryell.


Men short manufacturing suppliers for sportswear distributors global, B2B fashion activewear

Private label men shorts manufacturer, customized designs and fashion production for fitness center Men tracksuits manufacturers made in Italy to support the wholesale B2B distribution global, comfort and luxury for activewear Customized tracksuits using best fabrics and models according to the sport activities, Ryell produces for B2B distributors

MEN FASHION SHORTS industrial production of of fashion sport designs for B2B distribution in private label and activewear investors business.

MEN TRACKSUITS custom fabrics & printing according to your high sport activities, we produce fashion tracksuits as luxury sportswear for global athletes.






FASHION SPORTSWEAR FOR WOMEN ATHLETE We care about our girls sports clothing production process using many details as deluxe exclusive fabrics, fit apparel sizing, cuts, line, fashion and accessories provide you with countless options to choose from. Made in Italy perfect sportswear manufacturing industry


Perfect fit women sportswear t-shirts, Ryell produces tshirts according to the modern women for wholesale distribution

Ultra soft fabrics for each t-shirt ryell, the Italian sportswear manufacturing company for private label companies Women tank tops manufacturing company, the made in Italy sportswear available for wholesale distribution worldwide Private Label women tank tops made in Italy for sportswear industry, wholesale activewear customized tank tops

WOMEN SPORTSWEAR T-SHIRTS ultra soft fabrics, Ryell activewear t-shirts manufacturing industry for athletes. Ready to support B2B distributors.

WOMEN TANK TOPS Breathable, comfort, antibacterial, stretch tank tops to the worldwide fashion trend sportswear designed to support your business.


Woman short leggings manufacturer supply, the best legging material antibacterial and safe fabrics to produce the top sportswear in the world

Women shorts leggings manufacturer in private label for new brands, fitness center, clubs and apparel manufacturing companies Women long leggings sportswear manufacturing vendors, made in Italy leggings for activewear b2b producing for wholesalers and clothing distributors Women long leggings private label suppliers, Italian sportswear prodcution for wholesale distributors in the United States of America

WOMEN SHORTS LEGGINGS fashion women's leggings for sportswear, safe antibacterial process in each fabric to support wholesalers.

WOMEN LONG LEGGINGS super soft fabrics that stretches during intense sport activities designed for comfort and deluxe ladies fashion.


Women tracksuits manufacturing industry for sportswear distribution companies global, exclusive designs, luxury fabrics for the best sportwear

Women tracksuits fro private label manufacturers, we offer exclusive designs for private label owners, new brands, distributors, fitness center, wellness companies Women sweatshirt manufacturing company to support sportswear distribution industry, high tech fabrics, antibacterial, breathability, safe and fashion women sweatshirt Woman sweatshirt manufacturer for private label B2B companies, sportswear manufacturing industry looking for worldwide sportswear distributors

WOMEN TRACKSUITS we produce women tracksuit also in private label basics according to sportswear customers global, fashion style and price.

WOMEN SWEATSHIRT full range of colors and designs to match your sport requirements, antibacterial fabrics, customized for B2B.



Women sportwear collections directly from the manufacturer in Italy, customized sportswear, fashion activewear, comfort sport clothing, fashion, everything in Ryell sportswear products

Men sportswear manufacturer supply for wholesale B2B distributors and activewear manufacturing companies, we customized collections for wholesale distributors, Ryell the sportswear manufacturing company offers sport clothing using ultra soft fabrics, flexibility, breathability, antibacterial, safe, high stretch for your intensive sportwear shirt, short legging, long leggings, sweatshirt, tracksuit, tank top, tshirts and all sportswear need it for the sport clothing industry

High quality products for B2B private label sportswear brands, even small industrial quantities produced to support your organization activities






Sportswear manufacturing company offers sport clothing using ultra soft fabrics, flexibility, breathability, antibacterial, safe, high stretch for your intensive sportwear shirt, short legging, long leggings, sweatshirt, tracksuit, tank top, tshirts and all sportswear need it for the sport clothing industry

Private label sportswear manufacturing company to the wholesale B2B distribution offers sport clothing using ultra soft fabrics, flexibility, breathability, antibacterial, safe, high stretch for your intensive sportwear shirt, short legging, long leggings, sweatshirt, tracksuit, tank top, tshirts and all sportswear need it for the sport clothing industry

Ryell the sportswear manufacturing company offers sport clothing using ultra soft fabrics, flexibility, breathability, antibacterial, safe, high stretch for your intensive sportwear shirt, short legging, long leggings, sweatshirt, tracksuit, tank top, tshirts and all sportswear need it for the sport clothing industry






SPORTSWEAR MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY Ryell srl, your sports apparel manufacturing company, help you to find the correct technical specifications for your requirements. By providing you with new designs, using great fabrics saving costs and focus to improve the aspects that are important to your market. Avoid problems from the beginning when starting your activewear line by working with our industry, Ryell sports clothing manufacturer to the Global distribution.

  We're the proud supplier of the Italian Kettlebell national team in the world champiomship, we have designed and produced customized t shirts, shorts, leggings, sweatshirts, tracksuits and sportswear accessories to our National team

PRIVATE LABEL FOR THE ITALIAN NATIONAL TEAM OF KETTLEBELL SPORT Our company has been selected to dress the Italian national kettlebell team. Ryell has always dedicated all his experience to the industrial production of sportswear, to design and produce high-tech sportswear for the Italian national kettlebell team. The continuous development, research and innovation of the fabrics and materials used in our garments are the basis of our entrepreneurial support to our distribution and private label partners.


Ryell the sportswear manufacturing company offers sport clothing using ultra soft fabrics, flexibility, breathability, antibacterial, safe, high stretch for your intensive sportwear shirt, short legging, long leggings, sweatshirt, tracksuit, tank top, tshirts and all sportswear need it for the sport clothing industry


Ryell Sportswear srl is one of the most important Italian manufacturer of top men sportswear, high end clothing industry, sports technology for dealers distributors & suppliers, sports apparel manufacturing, using fabrics of new industrial technology offering private label for sportswear manufacturers. Our mission is to produce deluxe sportswear for distributors in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East including private label for following markets: Italy, Vietnam, Asia, Austria, Japan, France, US, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine Greece, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta, Ohio in USA, Panama, Australia, Japan, China, India, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Oman, Dubai UAE, Kuwait, GCC, Qatar, Thailand, Korea, Bolivia, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Ireland, Norway, Canada, United States of America, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Romania, Sweden, Greece, Albania, Indonesia, Venezuela, Brasil, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, supporting the luxury sportswear business to business distribution.





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